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Kern Scales Technic

Kern Scales Technic are leading suppliers of reliable digital weighing scales, counting, laboratory & retail scales, balances & accessories

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Weighing Scales Accessories

This section offers accessories for our ranges of scales and balances.

Analytical Balances And Analytical Weighing Scales

Analytical balances are accurate and precise instruments used to measure masses. They require a draft-free location on a solid bench that is free of vibrations.

Bench Scales and Commercial Bench Balances

Inscale offers an extensive range of bench scales for all types of applications. There are various models available covering a range from 150g to 300kg capacity.

Catering scales, Electronic and Digital Weighing Scales

Catering scales are used within the food industry for the preparation of ingredients.

Check Weighing Scales

Check weighing scales are used by industry to compare the weight of its products with predetermined limits set within the scale; some people also refer to this process as tolerance weighing.

Digital Counting Scales and Counting Balances

Part counting scales are used surprisingly to count! Why use a counting scale? Well, counting by hand is boring, time consuming and quiet frankly prone to human error.

Spring Scales, Hanging Scales and Balances

The following scales can be split into two groups, hanging scales and balances and crane scales.

Digital And Electronic Weight Indicators

A range of digital electronic indicators for use with platform base units or can be retrofitted to existing scales and balances.

Industrial Scales - Industrial Bench Scales

The scales and balances shown here are designed for use within industrial environments. Large platform scales and balances for pallet weighing or pallet beams for use with fork lift trucks.

Jewellery Scales and Precision Electronic Weighing Balance

Jewellery or Jewelery Scales are used by jewelers to weigh semi-precious and precious stones, diamonds, gold and silver.

Laboratory Scales And Laboratory Balances

Our range of Laboratory scales and balances covers both spectrums of the requirements of the modern laboratory, weather you are in a pharmaceutical company, quality control laboratory, a university, college or school; you will find the right scale here.

Low Cost from 30 to 200

If you are looking to purchase a reasonable scale, but you have a limited budget, then this section details all our scales that have a price tag of less than 200.

Mechanical Weighing Scales

This section covers our mechanical scales and hanging scales, or spring balances.

Medical Weighing Scales and Doctor Scales

Medical scales are scales used by the medical profession to weigh patients. This includes baby scales.

Moisture Balances and Scales

Moisture scales, or testers are designed to weigh the moisture content within a sample.

Industrial Platform Scales And Balances

The scales and balances shown here are designed for use within industrial environments. Large platform scales and balances for pallet weighing or pallet beams for use with fork lift trucks.

Electronic and Digital Pocket Scales

Pocket scales, they do exactly what the title suggests, the only scale to fit in your pocket.

Portable Scales

Portable scales, this can be a slightly misleading section, portable can be used to describe scales that can be moved around. Well we use this term to describe scales that can be run on batteries.

Retail Scales And Commercial Balances

Retails scales are used in shops for selling goods by weight. All retail scales need to be trade approved for this purpose.

Antique Scales and Other Special Scales

This section covers scales that don't fit into any other category, such as reproduction antique scales or egg weigher.

Top Loading Scales

Top Loading scales is another way of describing bench scales, the top loading simply refers to the loading of the scale from the top.

Trade Approved Scales

Trade approved scales are scales and balances that can be stamped by trading standards for use in retail applications, such as food sales.

Test Weights

We supply sets of calibration weights as well as individual weights.

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