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Portable Scales

DE Kern Platform Scale. Click to open larger image in new window

DE Kern Platform Scale

Kern DE Platform Floor Scales
Multi functional scale with IP65 display

The Kern DE platform scales come in various capacities up to 300kg and various platform base sizes. The display is detachable from the base for easy positioning anywhere, an optional stand is available to attach the display to the scales base. Various battery options are available which makes these scale portable.

Capacity Range: 0 - 300kg
Capacity Finder:
ECB Portable Balance. Click to open larger image in new window

ECB Portable Balance

Uncomplicated? mobile and low cost. If you want more then you need to look further.
Capacity Range: 0 - 50kg
Capacity Finder:
440 Kern Precision Balance. Click to open larger image in new window

440 Kern Precision Balance

Kern 440 Precision Balance
Economical solution for the smart shopper!!

The 440 Precision Balance from Kern offers customers a low entry basic model with simple to use functions, ideal for general purpose weighing applications. This model would be commonly found in schools and college laboratories, offering a series of capacities and resolutions suitable for these environments.  Additional basic functions including counting and percentage weighing along with the ability to be battery powered. This model is not suitable for dynamic weighing functions.

Capacity Range: 0-6000g
Capacity Finder:
EMB Kern Precision Balance. Click to open larger image in new window

EMB Kern Precision Balance

Kern EMB Precision Balance
Entry Level Laboratory Balance!!

Entry level low cost portable laboratory bench scale designed for use in schools, colleges and universities. Basic design with weighing only function, under scale weighing possible. Battery powered.

**This unit is not supplied with a mains adapter**
Please order adapter from accessories list

Capacity Range: 0 - 6kg
Capacity Finder:
EOB Platform Balance. Click to open larger image in new window

EOB Platform Balance

Simple, highly affordable balance for strong, sturdy daily weighing applications.
Capacity Range: 0-300kg
Capacity Finder:
ECE Portable Platform Scale. Click to open larger image in new window

ECE Portable Platform Scale

Light weight version of the ECB platform scale, with shock proof weighing plate.
Capacity Range: 0-50kg
Capacity Finder:
PFB Kern Precision Balances. Click to open larger image in new window

PFB Kern Precision Balances

Kern PFB Precision Balance
Low cost model, easy to use

These Kern PFB compact precision balances offers you an easy to use scale where the functions have their own key on the keypad. No more scrolling through with the mode function key as is common on a lot of balances.

A compact design, practical for small spaces, the backlit LCD display comes with a quick reference capacity tracker, showing how much of the balance range you are using. The model has a level indicator with adjustable feet to precisely level the balance.

A draft shield with a removeable metal cover and opening for pipettes is supplied on models below 0.01g resolution. The scale has an RS-232 digital output for connection to a printer.

Capacity Range: 0-6000g
Capacity Finder:
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